weight loss tips for the beginners

Weight loss tips for beginners

When you see the fat around your waist, hips, thighs, arms and even cheeks building up, the first thing that comes into your mind is weight loss and start looking out for some weight loss tips.

These weight loss tips for the beginners would help you get that accumulated fat content level down and also help you get fit and look slim. Make a note of these simple weight loss tips and see the difference in you in no time.

Water the savior

weight loss tips for the beginners

You must have heard about this and it is very much true that water helps in losing weight. An adult human being should drink at-least 2 liters. of water every day and even more in summer days.

Water cleanses the body of the toxins which are settling in and washes them off. While washing off the toxins, the accumulated fat too gets dissolved in the water and gets thrown out.

Sweat is also another medium through which toxins and fat get thrown out. However along with them water is also excreted. For this you should drink more water and reduce weight.

Eat when hungry

weight loss tips for the beginners

Often people start eating something just because they are sitting idle and can’t think of anything better to do. These off hand snacks and things you pop into your mouth will increase your weight.

When wanting to lose weight, eat only when you are really hungry. Now when you follow this rule, sometimes you can get hungry even in the middle of the night. However do not go about eating in the middle of the night.

The food would not get digested and would instead increase your weight. Decide an specific timings when you should have your meals and automatically you would start feeling hungry at those times. Eat then and do not put on extra pounds.

Stop eating after dinner

weight loss tips for the beginners

Some people have a habit of eating less at dinner time and then they get hungry when they are watching TV afterwards. They simply eat out of a packet of chips or biscuits and this is when all the weight gets put on. Avoid this completely and eat a good dinner to avoid the after dinner snacks and also the extra pounds.

Enjoy your favorite foods once in a while

weight loss tips for the beginners

When on a diet, people will omit foods which increase their calorie count. These foods are the ones which they enjoy the most. This should not be done. This can lead to deprivation and would have an opposite effect on your weight loss drive.

Instead when you feel you should have a bar of chocolate or a scoop of ice-cream, have it but in small portions. Also avoid eating it often and eat it half the number of times you used to earlier. This will satisfy your craving and also help you not put on more weight.

Spicy and Tangy Foods

weight loss tips for the beginners

Spicy or hot foods are very helpful when you have to lose weight. What these foods do is give you a feeling of fullness in less quantities of consumption. You tend to feel that this food is very hot and spicy and you should eat more.

Automatically you eat less and put on less weight. Also spicy food would make you drink more water which fills your stomach and helps you eat less. However if you feel you are eating too much spicy food, cut down on it and eat only when you get cravings of food at odd times.

Get surrounded with Healthy Foods

weight loss tips for the beginners

Stock your kitchen, fridge and food cupboards with foods which are good for health. Keep snacks which will not make you put on weight but instead lose weight. When hungry, you will see these foods only and hence eat them to reduce your weight.

Replace the cheeses with low fat cheeses. Keep flavored low fat yogurt in the refrigerator instead of ice-cream. Fill your cupboard with nuts and unsalted crackers instead of biscuits and chips. All these foods will help you reduce your weight. This is one the most important among the other easiest weight loss tips.

Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables

weight loss tips for the beginners

Some fruits and vegetables are available in specific seasons only. When they are available, you can eat those in large quantities and avoid rest of the foods you get round the year. This will help you get the right nutrition from these fruits and vegetables and also lose some pounds, other foods impart. Use the seasonal fruits to make fresh desserts and that too low fat and low in sugar. Fruits have their own sweetness and hence no need to adding extra sugar.

Use Natural Sweeteners

weight loss tips for the beginners


You can get cravings for desserts and sweet treats. When such cravings occur, indulge in desserts which are healthy and sugar free. You can use natural sweeteners like honey and fruit extracts. These will give you’re the right quantity of sugar required for your body and also not put on extra pounds on your body.

Exercise is the key to weight loss

weight loss tips for the beginners

For people who cannot help but eat fatty foods, exercise is the best policy. It is otherwise also the best method to lose weight easily. Make a routine or schedule for yourself, which include the basic warm up exercises, followed by cardio exercises and then interval training exercises. You should exercise at least 1 hour daily and this would burn down all the fat inside your body. Everyone would always suggest exercising when telling you about easy weight loss tips.

Say no to Alcohol and Cigarettes

weight loss tips for the beginners

Alcohol is known to increase weight in people. If you are a regular drinker, you need to curb down this habit and switch to better drinks, which are healthy and would help weight loss. Nicotine also increases risks of fat accumulation and hence should be avoided. Say no to these habits and you would lose weight very fast.

Weight loss is a lengthy process and would not happen overnight. You need to adopt the right eating habits, exercise habits and only then would you be able to see weight loss in your body. Stick to a healthy diet and stay loyal to yourself when adopting methods for weight loss. The above easy weight loss tips for the beginners would surely help you when followed regularly.

All you need to do is work hard and stay dedicated. Just be patient; results don’t happen overnight. These qualities are essential to your fitness routine and to your life in general. If you can achieve success in other areas of your life, then you can reach your fitness goals. So go out there and start working out.

Please remember, however, this is only one of many possible ways to assess your weight. If you have any concerns about your weight, please discuss them with your dietician or Nutritionist.

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