Ways to keep your kidneys healthy

Ways to keep your Kidneys healthy

The two bean-shaped organs in the renal system are known as kidneys. These are located just below the rib cage, near the middle of the back. Each kidney is around 3cm thick, 6cm wide & 12cm long.

The average weight of kidney in men’s is 129gm(R) and 137g (L) & in females 108g(R) and 116g (L).

It is a part of urinary system. To accommodate liver the right kidney is slightly lower than the left kidney.

There are 3 main sections in the kidney.

  • An outer renal cortex: helps in blood filtration.
  • An inner renal module: contains renal pyramids, where the formation of urine takes place.
  • A renal pelvis: urine passes from renal pyramids into renal pelvis and it drains the urine into the ureter.


A kidney consists of over one million tiny structures called nephrons. These helps in performing the kidneys its primary functions in regulating concentration of water and other substances in the body. They help in filtration of blood, absorbs what body needs and remove the rest as urine.


The kidney is responsible for performing many function including waste excretion, acid base regulations, detoxification of drugs and regulating blood pressure. The reason why to keep kidney healthy is that it helps in maintain balance. And balance is needed in the body for muscles, nerves and other tissues in the body. Without balance your body may not work properly.

Kidneys manages fluid levels, electrolyte and other functions that help in keeping the body consistent and comfortable. These carry out a no. of bodily functions.

There are 7 main functions:

A:  controlling ACID base

There is always a state of equilibrium of acids and bases in a human body which is measured by pH parameter. 7.35 to 7.45 is the normal pH when excess of acid and bases, kidney excretes and when body lacking kidney helps to retain to maintain this healthy range.

B: controlling BLOOD pressure

In case of high blood pressure, to reduce blood pressure kidneys helps by producing more urine to reduce the proportions of liquid circulating in the body.

D: activating VITAMIN-D

The active form of calcitriol plays a vital role in regulation of calcium and phosphate balance on the body which is necessary for bone growth.


Electrolytes (sodium and phosphate) levels on largely dependent on one’s kidney health.

E: producing ERYTHRPOIETIN hormone

It is a hormone that is produced by kidney. It helps the body in creation of more red blood cells which all the tissues and organs require for the transportation of organ.

T: removing TOXINS &waste products

The kidney filters toxins and waste product and removes them from the body with urine. That’s why kidney failure when body starts building waste products and hinder its functions.

W: controlling WATER balance

The kidneys are responsible for maintaining water stability and regulate the urine they produce. The kidneys produce more urine, when you drink a lot and acts opposite when you are dehydrated.

So, as of now you are aware of the facts, functions and importance of kidneys in a human body.

Here a question arises as why to be worried of taking extra care for the health of kidneys?

We have to take care because there are certain threats to the kidneys now a days especially. There are many diseases arising day by day in all categories of human being whether children, adults or old age.


There are numerous diseases that can affect kidneys.

Functional and structural problems from birth in some cases due to environmental or medical factors which may lead to kidney diseases.


Long term diabetes may damage capillaries of the kidney. The symptoms are not visible until years after the damage starts developing.

There may be certain symptoms include

  • Upset stomach
  • Difficulty in sleeping low concentration
  • Excess fluids
  • Weakness


Solid buildup of minerals in the kidney form stones. If stones block the ureter it might affect kidney function and can cause unbearable pain.


Bacteria formed in the bladder that transfer it to the kidney is a result of kidney infection.

Symptoms can be,

  • Painful urination
  • Back pain
  • Fever

Changes in urine include odor, blood & cloudiness.

This infection is more common in females than males especially affecting those who are pregnant.


In this kidney loses its effectiveness in filtering waste from the blood.


  • Overuse of medication for long period
  • Injury
  • Diseases

It means water on the kidney preventing urine from leaving the kidney which can result in intense pain. If untreated it may result in kidney failure.


Tumors can be benign and malignant.

Benign cancers do not attack tissues but malignant cancers are aggressive.



Using painkillers for a long period may results in chronic analgesic nephritis.


It emerges when immunoglobulin (IgA) antibodies form in the kidney. Although these are vital for immune system but excess buildup is harmful.


People with cancer suffer most common type of disease in kidney. These may be due to diarrhea & vomiting which are side-effects of chemotherapy.


Alcohol act as a barrier for the blood filtration process. It dehydrates body and increase Blood pressure which obstructs the kidney to function.



In severe kidney damage there is an option which is artificial process to perform kidneys function is dialysis. It is used in the end stage of kidney failure when kidney lost 85-90% of its functions capability.

In kidney dialysis,

  • Removing waste, excess Salt and water,
  • Balancing chemical in the blood
  • Maintaining blood pressure


  • Hemodialysis
  • Peritoneal dialysis


In kidney failure, transplantation has the closest relation to cure. It is a procedure to place a healthy kidney from a living or deceased donor into a person whose kidneys are not functioning properly.

However, transplantation is not the perfect match as it also consists of some complications after surgery and may require patients to intake medicines for lifetime. And, medication too have some side effects like diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.


Kidney are important for overall health so it’s also important to keep our kidneys healthier.

Here are some habits which will help to keep kidneys healthier and in the pink of their health.

  • Balanced diet

Our body needs vitamins and minerals which are achieved through a balanced diet. Eating fruits and vegetables, grains and avoiding salty and fatty food.

  • Smoking/alcohol injurious to health

Smoking and drinking alcohol excessively raise blood pressure. High blood pressure is the common cause of kidney disease. Stopping smoking completely and limiting alcohol you drink will work in keeping the kidneys healthy.

  • Staying hydrated

For our kidneys to function properly it is advisable to drink plenty of fluids. Otherwise it may result in dehydration.

During exercising, you need to drink plenty of water to make fluid for the fluids lost in sweating.

  • Stay fit and slim

Keeping yourself active and at a healthy weight is good for your kidneys. Too fat or being too heavy raises blood pressure, which is not good for kidney’s health.


There is no better alternative for what GOD has gifted to us. This is our responsibility to take good care of our kidneys and keeping every other organ in its best condition. Being healthy and as active as you are able to can make our kidneys function properly. To keep kidneys safe the most important thing is to decrease chances of getting diseases is to take care of your body that would not put strain on your kidneys. Even if a person is on dialysis or has transplanted kidneys also require to be taken care of. Eating healthy foods, exercising, avoiding consumption of alcoholic products will definitely results in healthier new you.

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